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New propeller nozzle and gear gave 30% fuel savings

The ship Eigenes came to North Sea Yard for the installation of a new Heimdal gear and Heimdal propeller. The ship was also equipped with a high-efficiency propeller nozzle, as significant potential fuel savings can achieved through optimisation of a ship’s propellers and stern. The nozzle was designed and manufactured by Hanstholm Skibssmedie in collaboration with North Sea Yard. Hanstholm Elektronik was responsible for the electrical installation.

When Eigenes set sail to fish after installation of the new equipment, everything functioned perfectly and the ship achieved fuel savings of 30%. This meant a quick return on investment, while Eigenes made money from day one in spite of the major investment.

The ship was quieter and fishing more efficient, as Eigenes can sail faster with the trawl out due to its significantly improved pulling power. This is the first nozzle we have manufactured and the feedback has been extremely positive.

New shipyard with many years' experience

North Sea Yard – a new shipyard established at Hanstholm by partners with years of experience with all forms of servicing for fishing vessels.

Our strength is that we combine highly specialised professional knowledge with qualified and competitive practical implementation.

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Anlæg af bådebroer på Hanstholm Havn


Med anlæg af bådebroer skabes yderligere mulighed for et maritimt oplevelsesmiljø til mindre lokale- og gæstefartøjer i havnen, i sameksistens med en aktiv fiskerihavn.

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