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HM 424 Westbank was rebuild and extended by 7.9 meters

We have lately become a specialist in extending trawlers. This is a relatively cheap way of streamlining fishing and thereby also the earnings. The rebuild of Westbank was a larger task, as it consisted of a lot of subtasks, which demanded extensive planning and a high degree of professionalism. 

Westbank primarily fishes for shrimp and mackerel and needed a larger renovation. The choice was between building a new trawler or rebuilding the existing trawler. The owner chose a rebuild and the rebuild included among others that:
  • The ship was cut over in 4 places. The midship and the upper deck were extended by 6.5 meters and the stern with 1.4 meters.
  • A new bottom was installed.
  • The stern was extended in order to leave room for two extra net drums, which can be raised. They can be used as extra drums or for alternative fishing tackle.
  • New MTU main engine at 746 kw
  • New Hundested propeller installation and gear.
  • Two new Cummins gensets.
  • New rudder nozzle and steering gear
  • New Enwa osmosis plant
  • New refrigeration plant
  • New shrimp processing plant
  • New Sonar
The load capacity has been increased from 100 to 275 tonnes and the fuel economy has been improved. The shipping company, which owns Westbank stands stronger and more flexible in relation to future fishing.

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