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HM 128 Borkumrif gets a new main engine, new gear and propeller installation

The old Caterpillar main engine needed a replacement and the choice fell on the compact Mitsubishi S6U-C2MPTK, which is known as a hard-wearing and robust engine with a low fuel consumption.

At the same time the gear and propeller installation was replaced.

Normally the Mitsubishi engines are delivered in a grey signature colour, but the shipping company owning Borkumrif wanted their own special colour – and got it. That is the reason why the large S6U today appears in a screaming, beautiful orange-red colour.

The installation was carried out by cutting a hole from the cargo hold and into the engine compartment. From here the engine, which weighed about 10 tonnes, could relatively easy be rolled in place on the foundation with a 1/100 millimetre accuracy. Simple and effective.
Finally a new Enwa osmosis plant was installed and Borkumrif was ready to go back to the sea again. 

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