We optimise your trawler

and care for your crew

On our shipyard we repair, renovate and optimise your trawler and crew.

TrawlerBoost service check is a revolutionary new initiative which reviews all factors influencing energy consumption on board.

It gives you a qualified overview of all the relevant optimisation options for your exact vessel, giving you the best basis for deciding whether and how to optimise your trawler.

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Electronics . Motor . Gears and transmission . Propulsion . Hydraulics . Cooling system . Hull . Paint . Trawling and fishing equipment . Training . Teambuilding . Crew care .

One-stop-shopping results in fewer days at port

Flexible facilities ensure competitive renovations

We have flexible facilities and many years' experience. This ensures that innovations are implemented efficiently, competitively and in a targeted way.

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Standby til repairs

North Sea Yard carries out all kinds of repairs on fishing vessels, whether the need has arisen from wear or accident. And we are ready, the moment the need arises.

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We help improve your crew's qualifications

While your trawler is undergoing a TrawlerBoost service check, we can improve your crew's training in the areas relevant to your specific needs.

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French occupation of North Sea Yard

During the whole of December, the floating dock was occupied alternatively by two French trawlers from Boulogne-sur-Mer, the Bressay Bank (L 45 m, B 11.5 m, 837 BT) and the Halten Bank II (L 47 m, B 9.5 m, 868 BT).  

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New propeller nozzle and gear gave 30% fuel savings

The ship Eigenes came to North Sea Yard for the installation of a new Heimdal gear and Heimdal propeller.

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Increased capacity, better economy and a more attractive ship

North Sea Yard extended the trawler Flipper HM 335 by 3.5 metres.

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New shipyard with many years' experience

North Sea Yard – a new shipyard established at Hanstholm by partners with years of experience with all forms of servicing for fishing vessels.

Our strength is that we combine highly specialised professional knowledge with qualified and competitive practical implementation.

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